Kiss your money goodbye, the PlayStation Credit Card is here

Credit Cards - Image 1They’re really asking us to spend our asses off this Christmas. With deals and great releases left and right, it’s getting harder and harder to imagine the holidays without missing out on something. For that, the PlayStation Credit Card is here. With the economic slump and tightening belts, this credit card might not be what we need right now.

PlayStation Credit Card - Image 1The economy’s spinning around the toilet, tempting deals and new releases everywhere we look, layoffs left and right, and now this – the PlayStation Credit Card. With so much to buy and so little to spend, a gaming credit card may not be the best thing to have right now.

The hardest part is that the darn thing will save us US$ 150 when we buy a PS3 starting today until the 31st of December. Really tempting. The PlayStation Credit Card even earns points with every purchase of PlayStation and Sony products. Follow the source link and find out how to apply.

Even if we run the risk of overspending, let’s just face it – having a PlayStation Credit Card is just damn cool.

The path to broke holidays:

Via PlayStation Blog

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