Konami enters Twilight Zone: releases MGS4 demo now

MGS4 Japan Demo: better late than never - Image 1Ohhhh-kay. Talk about stellarly late here. We can’t say for sure why Konami decided to release Metal Gear Solid 4‘s demo only now via PSN, but yeah. They did. Demo’s out guys. Just in case you’re still undecided as to whether or not you wanna see Solid Snake‘s final frontier. More suspended disbelief can be found at the full article.

Solid Snake struggles - Image 1 

It’s like we’re in the Twilight Zone or something. In a move that can only be explained in the artist-mind of Konami (“we’re artists, no one understands us”), they released the demo Metal Gear Solid 4 on PSN. Five months after the release of the full game.

Hmmm… hmmm… this is confounding. Could it be because the title has yet to break the one million mark in the region? So far, Solid Snake and the gang has only moved 600,000 copies. The game was launched back in June without giving out a trial sample for gamers. Maybe that’s why the other 400,000 didn’t get it. Or maybe the other 400,000 just weren’t accounted for because they were in their OctoCamo suits.

Maybe. We’ll know for sure when Twilight Zone Blast from the Past returns after a few short messages.

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