Kurok v0.3 Demo – now with improved AI, expanded maps

Sony PSP logo - Image 1For a demo, homebrew developer MDave's Kurok project does its part as a convincing FPS pretty nicely (previous version here). It's got nice graphics, variety of weapons, and competent AI down pat. What's new with this version? Well, many things, including new grenade models and expanded maps, among others.

Download: Kurok v0.3 Demo
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It's time for fans of homebrew developer MDave's Kurok PSP to update their demo copy of the game, now that the demo has been updated to version 0.3. So what's new with the latest release? As with the previous version, there's a lot of changes and fixed bugs, including major revisions such as remade and expanded maps, new grenade models, and improved enemy AI.

Check out the rest of the lengthy changelog here:
  • Added
    • Single player map 'Underground Base' (e1m5) has been remade, and 'Experiment Rex' (e1m6) map has been expanded upon.
    • New grenade models for grenade launcher and soldier enemies.
    • Bloodsplat effect when attacking players/enemies with the Tekbow.
    • Cvar 'scr_loadscreen' to show or hide the loading screen image.
    • New 'Autocenter Button Look' option in controls sub menu, toggle if the view auto centers when moving or not.
    • Client side auto aim, if turned on will use the Server side auto aim value (located in the create game menu).
    • Impact sounds and weapon change sounds for some weapons.
  • Changed
    • Removed the need to write or read .ms2 mesh lists, significantly improving initial loading time.
    • Dynamic Lighting on by default due to optimising models. Only slight performance drop now.
    • New zoom code, with different levels of zoom for different weapons.
    • Improved Soldiers AI, including throwing grenades only if the player is at a distance from them.
    • Client side auto-Aim is turned off when Zooming in, and turned back on when zoomed out, allowing for headshots.
    • Rocket Launcher Secondary mode now switches to a third person missile camera view, pressing jump detonates the missile.
    • The Tekbow is no longer spammable, there is a refined animation time charging and reloading the next arrow.
    • Base Arena (kdm2) map has improved balanced weapon loadout & spawn points.
    • Increased the semi-automatic firing rate of the Desert Eagle.
    • Increased delay of Tek Arrows exploding if stuck in walls, floors etc to 2 seconds.
    • Increased fuse delay of Grenade Launcher grenades to 3 seconds.
    • Decreased the time it takes to switch weapons, and made it less dependent on frame rate speed time.
    • Grenades/Rockets/Remote Mines can blow up nearby grenades, rockets and mines.
    • Reduced Knife, Normal Arrows & Shotgun damage, Tek Arrows damage increased.
    • Soldiers pistol shots do less damage on difficulties below Insane.
    • Soldiers now use the same model as the player model, saving wasted memory.
    • Texture resolutions have been halfed for some weapons, the player, soldier and raptor models.
    • Extra skin texture for the tekbow, easier to tell the difference.
    • Rebalanced the health of Raptors and Soldiers to reflect the set difficulty level.
    • Raptors jump higher and further, and melee speed increased.
    • Overhead knife slash does not gib enemies and players anymore if they have low health, death animation played instead.
    • Increased Remote mines throw distance slightly.
    • Removed Quake style particle impact effect for bullets and arrows.
    • Normal arrows bounce off walls, floors and ceilings if their velocity is too low to stick into them.
    • Renamed 'Analog Look' in the controls menu to 'Analog Mode', with the 2 options renamed to 'Look' or 'Move'.
    • Renamed 'Customize controls' to a more suitable name 'Customize buttons' in the options menu.
    • Reduced the number of scrollable help pages to 2 in the help menu until I make more pages.
    • Removed 'Dithering' in the Misc. options, not needed when the engine runs in 32bit Color mode.
    • Moved 'Brighter Models' from the 'Misc. options' to the 'Video options'.
  • Fixed
    • Pretty much all of the Remote Mine bugs squashed.
    • Tekbow crash finally fixed, there was still something in the code glitching it up.
    • Bot bugs fixed and AI is significantly improved, will now switch weapons, switch secondary modes and strafe/fire depending on skill setting.
    • Zooming in and out no longer resets the sensitivty to the default value.
    • Soldiers don't accidently kill each other now if they are in the way of each other.
    • Removed bullet case ejection in multiplayer, was easily causing overflow errors when too much action was going on.
    • While switching weapons or seconadry modes while dying, the view model weapon dosn't display after spawning in multiplayer/co-op.
    • Death animations would sometimes use incorrect frames.
    • Remote Mines and Arrows no longer stick to sides of doors/glass/platforms and float in mid air when the doors open/close.
    • Co-Op Player Camera change actually works now in the multiplayer menu.
    • Remote mines icon now show mine icon instead of the old energy cells ammo icon.
    • Corrected code for loading vanilla quake mods. You must now have the full version of quake to use quake mods other then Kurok!
The download below includes all the documentation you need to know before installing the game. However, if you still have any questions, it won't hurt to click on the Via link for the homebrew's thread and contact MDave directly. Enjoy!

Download: Kurok v0.3 Demo
Visit: QJ PSP Development Forums

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