Last Remnant director: Square Enix doesn’t have a favorite console, but 360 was “a lot of fun”

Last Remnant - Image 1Square Enix‘s The Last Remnant (PS3, Xbox 360) director, Hiroshi Takai, was interviewed recently about his experience working on the Xbox 360 platform. He praised the 360 as an easy platform to make games for and showed enthusiasm for future 360-related projects. Read up on more of Takai-san’s statements after the jump.

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Square Enix‘s The Last Remnant (PS3, Xbox 360) director, Hiroshi Takai, was recently interviewed about his time on developing in the 360 platform and he was positively glowing.

He said:

The 360 is an easy platform to make games for. The dev environment and the dev kit and everything they’ve released, those were really dev friendly, so it was quite a lot of fun to work on the 360 version from a development point of view.

Many in Square Enix seems to share Takai’s opinions as Infinite Discovery and next year’s Star Ocean, will be Xbox 360 exclusive games. The Last Remnant itself is going to be released first on the 360 on November 20 and will be ported to the PS3 at some unannounced point in time.

Many of you probably already know that Squeenix’s big gun, Final Fantasy XIII is also getting the Xbox 360 treatment, breaking the PlayStation-exclusive tradition since Final Fantasy VII.

Takai was quick to add that Square Enix currently has “no particular favorite platform,” reinforcing the company’s commitment to multi-platform development. However, with Square Enix’s recent behavior, I think Sony’s really needs to start stepping up dev support on its end unless they want to see Final Fantasy XIV as a 360 exclusive.

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