LibGE v0.2

LibGE v0.2 - Image 1Developer dridri85 has recently announced the release of a new build for the LibGE devkit for the Sony PSP. This homebrew’s version 0.2 will carry improved speeds, among other updates. Further details are available in the full article.

Download: LibGE v0.2

LibGE v0.2 - Image 1 Here’s a bit of good news for the PSP developers out there. We’re letting you guys know that developer dridri85 has recently released a new build of the LibGE homebrew application.

As a recap, this release is C-programmed Graphics Engine library, which should assist you in creating graphics for other homebrew projects for the PlayStation Portable.

LibGE version 0.2 carries improved performance, with dridri85 indicating that it’s now up to above 30 to 40 FPS. Users can now also write in TTF – dridri85  set up a tutorial to help LibGE’s users make the most of these new additions.

Further details on how to use the LibGE devkit are available in the file bundle’s readme, and over at dridri85’s release thread (via the source link below). Just keep a link to your favorite translation site ready – both the readme and dridri85 ‘s post are in French.

Download: LibGE v0.2

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