Light up your Wii with Hori’s USB Illumination Stand

Hori's USB Illumination Stand accessory for the Wii - Image 1Feel like making your Wii console stand out even more? Then you should check out this nifty accessory from Japanese video game accessories Hori: the USB Illumination Stand.

This USB-powered stand comes in white or black and sports an added USB port inside the front flap of the base.

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Hori's USB Illumination Stand for Wii - Image 1If you’re looking to spruce up your Nintendo Wii console for a nice cool look this holiday season, then Japanese video game accessories maker Hori has just the thing for you.

How else can you make your Wii stand out even more than with a nifty USB Illumination Stand. The peripheral comes either in black or white and provides a nice blue light once you slide your Wii in and connect it through one of your console’s USB ports.

However, that’s not exactly where the USB part of the accessory comes in. The USB Illumination Stand has a hidden USB port located behind the front flap of the base as a more convenient way to hook up other USB peripherals without messing up any of the console’s cables at the back.

This accessory is priced for US$ 19.90 at Play Asia and is only available in Japan so far. So those of you interested in lighting up your Wii this Christmas will have to import this tricked out stand online.

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