LittleBigPlanet early copies unboxed

Sackboy: peek-a-boo! I see you! - Image 1A very lucky and very excited folk has released his own pictures of the unboxed early LittleBigPlanet copy. Wow, that sure is an early bird. Sackboy’s jumped out of the box, so why don’t you jump your way to the full article.

Sackboy’s out of the box! And two weeks early, too? Too early, perhaps? An anonymous source from Maxconcole forums has sent a wealthy amount of images showing Media Molecule‘s LittleBigPlanet .

LittleBigPlanet broken street date - Image 1 

It seems that these early copies were sent out for reporters to give their reviews. There’s also another guy from MTV Multiplayer Blog, Stephen Totilo, who did receive such a copy, and he, too, took pictures of it as proof. According to him, the early copies of the game won’t allow the user to see and share other folks’ levels yet. The most you can do is play the ones that are in the disc, and make your own.

It’s also said that the box gives out pretty generic details, such as the game playing in 720p, that it supports 1-4 players online and requires 600MB of harddrive space. There’s also no mention in the manual of the Solid Snake and Final Fantasy VII add-on content, nor that of the paid marketplace.

What is there is a warm welcome note for the players:

We want to create a big, happy family — and that means the we all need to respect each other’s feelings. So, as tempting as it is, please refrain from being rude! No swearing, no rude drawings and nothing that would offend your granny.

 Anyhow, us mere mortals will be getting a copy of the game the same time as everyone else, so we’ll just keep our eyes peeled out for more news to bring to you.

LBP unboxed - Image 1 

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