LuaStation v1.1

LuaStation screenshot - Image 1Lua coders can do their work on the Sony PlayStation portable using LuaStation by gogy. If you want to finish that homebrew game or application for the Sony PSP without having to get a hold of the computer, LuaStation version 1.1 is now available for your convenience.

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Download: LuaStation v1.1

LuaStation screenshot - Image 1Homebrew developer gogy has an early Christmas present for all Sony PlayStation Portable Lua coders who want to do their work on the go. LuaStation version 1.1 is the latest stable build of the homebrew application that allows development in Lua on the PSP. Yep, work on your project anywhere away from the computer.

LuaStation is in French, so it helps if you can understand the language. To boot, you’ll need the Lua Player installed. The Danzeff Keyboard should be enough let you start writing code. According to gogy, LuaStation is a follow-up to Luaprog, and it’s made for developing in Lua outside the PC.

More important and helpful details are in the Readme file for experts and newbies alike, though everything is written in French. The application itself should be pretty easy to figure out, and the screenshot above will give you a fairly good idea how the homebrew application should look.

Download: LuaStation v1.1

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