LuaTileArranger v0.3 – map editor for PSP

LuaTileArranger v0.3 - Image 1Homebrew developer Fujah created an application for the Sony Portable which can be used to create custom maps. The download includes Boulder Dash, Dyna Blaster, and Zelda sprites available for use. If you can understand German and you’re in need of a map creation tool, LuaTileArranger is for you. More details await at the full article!

Download: LuaTileArranger v0.3

LuaTileArranger v0.3 - Image 1

Homebrew developer Fujah has come up with a homebrew application for the Sony PlayStation Portable which allows users to create maps for certain games. LuaTileArranger, now version 0.3, is intuitive and similar to photoshop according to Fujah. It’s in German, so knowledge of the language helps.

The download is packed with sprites of Boulder Dash, Dyna Blaster, and Zelda that you can use in your customized maps. Unfortunately, LuaTileArranger’s code is said to be messy and speed is supposed to suffer. If that isn’t enough to keep you away, and a German help file doesn’t sound intimidating, get LuaTileArranger below.

Download: LuaTileArranger v0.3

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