Maelstrom Alpha – promising space RPG in Lua

Maelstrom Alpha - Image 1Yes, it’s another Lua game, but unlike some releases, this homebrew game for the PlayStation Portable shouldn’t be shrugged off. Homebrew developer MadMax11’s Maelstrom Alpha is functional and polished unlike some early release projects, even if it is incomplete in game content. Learn more about the Lua-based space RPG at the full story.

Download: Maelstrom Alpha

Maelstrom Alpha - Image 1 

Most updates we get from the PSP development community aren’t angled for Lua, but there are a few that do pop up. MadMax11 at the QJ.NET Forums just recently released an early Alpha build of Maelstrom, a space-based role-playing game in the making.

Even in this form, the PlayStation Portable homebrew game is promising – it may be lacking in content but it plays smoothly and most of the gameplay features are functional.

The homebrew developer says that the game was supposed to be released when it was completed, but decided to release an early version to get some third-party input. In any case, initial feedback is glaringly positive, and you’d be hard-pressed not to give Maelstrom Alpha a spin.

Coder MadMax11 says that a new build will be available soon for Sony‘s handheld, so we’ll keep our eyes peeled for that. Until then, enjoy.

Download: Maelstrom Alpha

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