Mark Faulkner: from RuneScape to mini game portal FunOrb

Mark Faulkner: from RuneScape to FunOrb - Image 1 Jagex Ltd‘s browser-based MMO RuneScape can be considered a phenomenal hit considering its six million active accounts that include at least one million pay-to-play users.

 With the success that company had with this game, they now turn to a new project called FunOrb. They aim to capture people who want to play casual games. Details of in the full article.

Mark Faulkner: from RuneScape to FunOrb - Image 1Jagex Ltd is now venturing more into the gaming industry after much success from its browser-based MMO RuneScape. With the new project, FunOrb, the company has plans to entice people to casual gaming.

Mark Faulkner, Head of FunOrb Development, talks about what has been happening in their latest offering. The official considers FunOrb a way for them to go back to their roots, which is actually developing mini games.

He added that when Jagex founder Andrew Gower began making games, Gower was already making casual games and mini games. It just happened that Runescape turned out to be the most popular one.

The reason behind the birth of FunOrb is that a few Jagex employees shared common interests with Gower’s interest for casual games. They found out that these types of games appeal the most to people.

In addition to the mini games and casual games that FunOrb can offer as of the moment, Faulkner noted something interesting about their latest project. Even He said:

In the future, we want FunOrb to be a place where gamers can just “be”; a place where gamers will want to go to spend their time just to be gamers. Not necessarily just to play a game, but to chat with friends and talk with friends to discuss other games. ThatÂ’s really the plan we want to follow.

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