Media Create hardware sales ending December 2: Wii back on top

Media Create hardware sales ending Dec. 2: Wii back on top - Image 1Nintendo once again reclaims the throne in Japan, after an early return was witnessed for the week of November 26 to December 2. A few weeks back, the PlayStation 3 finally broke ahead of the Wii’s sales numbers and many anticipated that Sony‘s console would remain in the lead in the holiday season. Things seemed to have normalized in Japan, and the numbers Media Create has recently released favors Nintendo. More info awaits at the full article.

Media Create hardware sales ending Dec. 2: Wii back on top - Image 1Local market analyst Media Create has just released the latest numbers of console units sold in Japan, and it appears that though Sony‘s PlayStation 3 overtook the Nintendo Wii back in November, the new generation console is now back in the lead. In fact, the numbers show that the Wii sold twice as much as the PS3 for the end of November.

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 managed to sell more than 6,000 units this week, though the PlayStation 2 performed better in the Land of the Rising Sun. In the handheld front, the Nintendo DS continues to lead the pack, though the Sony PlayStation Portable still reels in solid numbers this week. The final standings are as follows:

  • NDS: 124,627
  • Wii: 74,764
  • PSP: 74,626
  • PS3: 37,092
  • PS2: 13,703
  • 360: 6,632

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