MemorizeME now in final version

MemorizeME madcat1990 - Image 1Those who prefer to do brain teasers on the Nintendo DS should probably not miss out on homebrew developer madcat1990‘s MemorizeME, now in its final version. It’s pretty much the classic memory game made for the DS, with nicely-done graphics and new background music. More details in the full article.

Download: MemorizeME Final
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MemorizeME Final madcat1990 - Image 1If you like doing some brain training with your Nintendo DS, you may want to check out madcat1990‘s nifty MemorizeME homebrew game for the tactile handheld. Already in its finalized version, MemorizeME sports some nice graphics, levels of difficulty, and new background music. Homebrew developer madcat1990 also added a “Slow” power up, which will buy you some time while playing the game.

If you’re not familiar with MemorizeME, it’s a port of the memory game where you will be shown a set of symbols in a grid, all of them in pairs, and it’s your task to memorize them in order for you to properly pick them out in pairs once the tiles are face down.

The download file below doesn’t have a readme file, so if you’re not sure on how to install it or if you have any questions, just hit the Via link to contact the homebrew developer. Enjoy!

Download: MemorizeME Final
Visit: QJ DS Development Forum

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