Microsoft launches Microsoft Point gifting feature

Microsoft Points Gifting feature - Image 1Here’s something useful for the holidays: Microsoft managed to whip up a nice Microsoft Point Gifting option that lets Xbox 360 users send points to their friends, much like Wii’s Gifting feature. More details in the full article!

Microsoft Points Gift Points - Image 1Haven’t made up your mind on what to gifts to give to your friends? If some of them own an Xbox 360, then consider that problem solved.

Microsoft has managed to come up with their own gifting feature, which is very useful for last-minute gift shoppers. However, in comparison to the Wii’s Gifting option, Xbox users can opt to give Microsoft Points to their friends instead of games.

In order to take advantage of this quite useful feature, Xbox 360 gamers only need to click on a virtual Xbox Live gift points card, which will prompt them to either buy more points or gift points to a friend. Do take note that you have to know your friend’s LIVE ID for you to send them points. You can also head on over to the Microsoft Points website through the via link below.

Via Microsoft Points

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