Miyamoto’s take on why movie adaptations of games usually fail

Shigeru Miyamoto - Image 1Game-to-film adaptations usually don’t prove to be as popular as the video games they were based on, so what goes wrong when trying to put games into the silver screen? Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of the Super Mario Bros. franchise, shares his thoughts on what went wrong, using the film adaptation of his Super Mario Bros. as an example. Check out the full article for more details!

Super Mario Bros. movie - Image 1Ever remember Disney‘s live-action take on Super Mario Bros.? It didn’t turn out to be the hit that the movie producers thought it would be, as it were the case for most other game-to-film adaptations.

So what went wrong in the creation of those movies? Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of the Super Mario Bros. franchise, shared his thoughts on the matter, making an example out of the Super Mario Bros. movie. According to Miyamoto:

“I tried to emphasize the point that the Mario Bros. games are fun as videogames and if we were going to make a Mario Bros. movie, that movie should be entertaining as a movie, and not a translation of the videogame…The one thing that I still have some regrets about is that the movie may have tried to get a little too close to what the Mario Bros. videogames were.”

Miyamoto also said that the reason why most game-to-film adaptations do not often succeed is because the factors that make a good game is very different from the factors that make a good movie. “I think that because these surrounding elements in these two different mediums vary so greatly, when you fail to take that into account then you run into problems,” he continued.

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