MLB 08: instant replay action featured in the Replay Vault

Logo of Major League Baseball - Image 1One of the best features included in any sports sim is the instant replay feature. You can analyze some important plays through it and plan out your next game, or you can simply just watch yourself look good in front of the camera. The Replay Vault in SCEA‘s MLB 08: The Show (PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable) does this and more. Watch the developers of the game talk about it in their latest entry in the PlayStation Blog by checking out the full article.

Screenshot of SCEA's MLB 08: The Show - Image 1 Any sports sim worth its salt wouldn’t be released without a decent instant replay feature. What better way to look back on some of the hardcore sports action than winding back the clock and taking a look at those classic highlight reels after the game.

This particular feature holds true with Sony Computer Entertainment America’s MLB 08: The Show. The developers took some time to show off the Replay Vault aspect of the game in the latest dev blog entry on the PlayStation Blog.

Designer Greg Batalucco explained the new PS3-exclusive feature and how it differs from the other instant replay features found in other sports sims. The Replay Vault is basically a repository of all the different highlights of the game categorized into three sections: innings, players, and team.

Anytime during the game, you can pause the action and take a look at the events that happened up until you stopped the match. You can take a look at the game from different perspectives, depending on which option you choose.

This feature can help you analyze your game either through the eyes of a particular player or as a team in general. This is particularly helpful, especially if you want to see if a particular play you set up is actually effective and if you want to play out the same strategy in your next game.

MLB 08: The Show is set to be released on March 4 and will be available on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable. In the meantime, you can check out how the Replay Vault feature works through the video below.

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