Moemoe Nijitaisen (Ryaku) Deluxe coming to PSP

Gals and guns abound ni Moemoe Nijitaisen Ryaku Deluxe - Image 1There’s something about cute gals with big guns that has a strange appeal all its own. Fortunately, that’s exactly what you’ll be getting with Moemoe Nijitaisen (Ryaku) Deluxe. SystemSoft Alpha will be porting this classic mecha shoujo PC game over to the Sony PSP and PS2.
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This is the new gunner gal in Moemoe Nijitaisen Ryaku Deluxe - Image 1While World War 2 was as bloody as they come, SystemSoft Alpha has put a new spin on one of the greatest armed conflicts of all time: a Sony PS2 and PSP port of Moemoe Nijitaisen (Ryaku) Deluxe. Formerly a war strategy PC title, this anime-style game gets gunner gals galore.

The interesting thing to note is that SystemSoft Alpha threw in some extras this time around. The port of Moemoe Nijitaisen (Ryaku) Deluxe will sport a major visual upgrade, a new character, a new army and new cut scenes. Well known seiyuu (voice actors) will bring the various characters to life.

SystemSoft Alpha has also established a teaser of this upcoming port in the form of the Moemoe Nijitaisen (Ryaku) Deluxe official website. While the site isn’t complete yet, there’s plenty of (sometimes fan servicey) eye candy scattered about.

More updates on this mecha shoujo title as we get them. Until then, you may wish to check out the game’s website. Just click on the source link below and you’ll be taken there.

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