Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G Japanese TV Ad 2

Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G Japanese TV Ad 2 - Image 1To further whet your appetite for Capcom‘s Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G, we’re sharing with you now another TV ad for the Sony PSP exclusive title. The game is due for release in Japan this coming March 27. Click the “read more” link below to see the commercial.

Seeing that the Japanese release of PlayStation Portable exclusive Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G is drawing closer, it’s understandable that Capcom would be doing some promotions for the upcoming game.

One good example is the new TV ad that we’ve embedded below. Basically, the commercial has little to do with the game itself – with it just showing a bit of gameplay and a man playing on a stationary bike.

Even though the ad is all in Japanese, one can deduce that what Capcom is trying to convey is the fun that comes in playing Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G. This is especially true in this iteration that comes with a lot of new features and content.

Anyway, we wouldn’t be keeping you for long as we figure that you already want to see the clip for yourselves. Enjoy!

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