More Yoda for you: an Xbox 360 Soul Calibur 4 teaser video

Yoda in Soul Calibur 4 - Image 1If there’s one word to describe this new Xbox 360 Soul Calibur 4 teaser, it’s “Yodalicious.” We can dispense with the hoopla behind all the other characters because at the end of the day, the real star of this show definitely has to be the short green fellow who can stop a Berserker’s axe with his mind. Find the video after the jump!

We’ve got one word to describe this new teaser trailer for the Xbox 360 version of Soul Calibur 4 (also on the PS3), and that’s “Yodalicious.” How come? Well, it’s because we get to see him take on a berserking brute with a giant axe, with Yoda stopping the berserker’s axe with the power of the Force. That’s what we call power, right there.

Of course, you still get to see all the staples of Namco Bandai‘s Soul Calibur world, such as Siegfried, Nightmare, and Mitsurugi, but at the end of the day, it’s the sheer out-of-place factor brought about by having a little green man with mind powers kicking butt using a beam of light that gets us all smiling.

In any case, have a look-see at this new trailer for the game. We’re sure that you guys will have a blast watching it.

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