Namco Bandai: Soul Calibur, Infinitum to come to XBLA

Xbox 360 - Image 1Armchair pugilists rejoice – one of the more legendary fighting games of the Sega Dreamcast, Soul Calibur, has just been confirmed by Namco Bandai to make the jump to Xbox Live Arcade, with all the trimmings of an HD remake. Infinitum, another original shooter will be accompanying this classic . All the info you need in the full article, so be sure to click on that read more button.

Soul Calibur - Image 1

Attention, Xbox 360 owners – an important piece of gaming history has just been confirmed to make its jump to Xbox Live Arcade. No, it’s not Ikaruga, although this title is just as important. It’s the game where it all started (barring that of the original Soul Edge series) in terms of weapon-based versus fighting. It’s the original Soul Calibur, harking back from the good old days of the Sega Dreamcast.

This piece of gaming heaven was announced by no other than Namco Bandai, who also revealed that the game will be presented in HD resolution, with all its modes intact. As with all XBLA titles, it will have its own online leaderboards – although online multiplayer may not be as feasible a feature as we’d like it to be. According to the company, offline multiplayer is the only way you can hack it up with a buddy.

Well, while we can certainly bemoan the lack of online multiplayer – it’s a crime, we tell you – the fact that such a legendary title is going to be enjoyed once more before its next-gen counterpart arrives is definitely an awesome blessing from Namco Bandai. No news yet about price, but the ETA is slated for a Summer 2008 release.

Besides Soul Calibur, Namco Bandai will also be unleashing Infinitum on both the Sony PS3 and Xbox 360. An original shoot-em-up, you’ll pilot a ship in order to take down a relentless horde of enemies across an endless battlefied of time and space. The more powerful your ship gets, the bigger it grows, which unveils bigger and badder bosses that were previously too large to see (or defeat).

Definitely a great way to start the summer season, eh? Updates as we get them!

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