NCAA Football 09 PS3 first details: 60 frames per second

NCAA Football 09 - Darren McFadden - Image 1It’s not even 2009 yet but NCAA Football 09 from EA Sports is already kicking off in good fashion for the Wii. Don’t lose hope yet, Playstation 3 gridiron gamers. Your prayers are now answered to the cadence of 60 frames per second. More first details revealed after the jump.

NCAA Football - Reggie Bush - Image 1 Needing more than a mascot challenge to keep its gamers away from the sidelines, NCAA Football 09 from EA Sports drew the right play to score a touchdown with the PlayStation 3 community: 60 frames per second.

In an exclusive interview, NCAA Football product manager Kendall Boyd categorically guarantees that “the PS3 version will run at 60 frames per second.” 

Sony gamers were let down last year when Madden 08 for the PS3 (also for Xbox 360, Wii, PC, DS, PSP) ran on a measly 30 frames per second as opposed to the Xbox’s smooth 60.

This time, EA Sports knew not to fumble further. Boyd has more fresh details for the upcoming college football title:

  • a new animation engine allowing control of all movement with a premium on defense
  • improved playbook strategies
  • notable differences for home and away stadiums

NCAA Football 09 is primed for a July 15, 2008 release. These are just the first details so keep checking back here at QJ.NET for the game’s latest updates.

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