NeoFlash Spring Coding Competition 2008 winners announced

NEOFlash 2008 Spring Competition - Image 1Dr. NEO‘s NeoFlash Spring Coding Competition 2008 has finally come to a close with the announcement of the winning homebrew applications and games for the Sony PSP and the Nintendo DS. Some 76 homebrew applications and games were entered into the contest. Head over the full article to see the cream of the crop.

NeoFlash2008 winners - Image 1Thanks to Dr. NEO‘s NeoFlash Spring Coding Contest 2008, the homebrew scene for both the Sony PlayStation Portable and the Nintendo DS is now blooming with life. 76 entries in just two months can’t get wrong – homebrew is here to stay.

But as with any competition, only the diamonds in the rough must emerge. Today, Dr. Neo announces the winners for this year’s competition.

Dominating the Sony PSP homebrew applications category is dev bumuckl‘s Dow! version 0.2 which allows you to code homebrew on the go. This, in itself, is a testament to the contest’s desire to put a premium on homebrew development. Bugz featured the most complete game experience among the rest with its 17 levels and LocoRoco-like graphics.

On the other hand, the Nintendo DS division got a treat with the FAT Player Mikmod version 3  application and the LoneWolfDS – Flight From The Dark game. Below is a complete list of the cream of the crop.

Sony PSP Homebrew Applications:

  1. Dow! version 0.2 – develop on the go by bumuckl
  2. LightMP3 version 2.0.0 BETA 1 by sakya
  3. CTorrentPSP – Torrent client for PSP by danzel
  4. Academic Aid Scholastic Suite 6 R769 – Education by Mr305
  5. PSP-Maps by royale

Sony PSP Homebrew Games:

  1. Bugz by InsertWittyName
  2. PolyGunwars version 0.5 by ahrimanes
  3. BlowUp! version 1.0 by gambiting
  4. Orbid version 2.0 by Slasher
  5. Dororo’s Adventure by b0rk
  6. Tetriabetes 1.43 by dragula96
  7. Kitten Cannon by sg57
  8. Scogger 0.2 by scognito
  9. Sushi Rubik version 1.2 by teamsushi
  10. Motion Pong 0.2 by bumuckl

Nintendo DS Homebrew Applications:

  1. FAT Player Mikmod version 3 by Cid2Mizard
  2. Spinal’s Media Player by spinal
  3. TabBed by wizlon
  4. DSision by spinal
  5. JabberDS by theli
  6. Mediatheque DS version 1.0 by Cid2Mizard
  7. My Project-Reno Studio by willreno
  8. DSBash by leinad
  9. Wee Basic 0.4 by marovada
  10. Flashcart OS: N 2.1 by TeenDev

Nintendo DS Homebrew Games:

  1. LoneWolfDS – Flight From The Dark by Michoko
  2. Super Wings by eKid
  3. Legion by smealum
  4. Game Melody Oratorio by DesertDog
  5. Piztog Tower Defense by Shoog

QJ.NET congratulates all the winning developers! What’s up for grabs? A generous sum and an item from the NEO product prize list. If you weren’t as lucky, Dr. Neo has said that there will be another competition in August this year so keep on sharpening those coding skills.

Thanks to dev Insert_Witty_Name for the tip (and congratulations for Bugz)!

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