NervOS v1.0: a brand new shell for your PSP

NervOS v1.0 - Image 1Pirata Nervo has something interesting for all those homebrew users out there. Over on the QJ.Net Forums, he’s released a new shell for people to try out, which he calls NervOS v1.0. Interested in knowing more? Head on over to the full article for more information.

Download: NervOS v1.0
Visit: QJ.Net PSP Development Forums

NervOS v1.0 - Image 1 NervOS v1.0 - Image 2 NervOS v1.0 - Image 3

Pirata Nervo has released the first public version of his new PSP shell,  which he calls NervOS v1.0. This shell carries a lot of features similar to iR Shell, which should make some users very happy indeed.

Here’s are the current list of features for the application:

  • Image Viewer
  • Mp3 Player
  • Can execute homebrew
  • Can execute ISO’s/CSO’s
  • Can execute UMD’s
  • Can load prx plugins (it is not finished so weird things may happen)
  • USB Mode
  • Shows the current time
  • Shows the battery life percentage
  • Take screenshots (press Select)

Do note that you’ll have to know how to install apps of this sort beforehand, as the application itself has documentation, but no installation manual. That being said, this is definitely one release to watch out for. We’ll keep you updated on the latest releases for this application as it happens, but for now, why not give it a try?

Download: NervOS v1.0
Visit: QJ.Net PSP Development Forums

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