Neverland Card Battles unveiled for the PSP

Neverland Card Battles - Image 1There’s a new card game coming to the PSP from Idea Factory, and it’s based on the popular PS2 title Cardinal Arc: Neverland Card War. If you enjoyed that one, then you’ll probably enjoy Neverland Card Battles on your handheld. Information, screenshots and trailer after the jump.

Neverland Card Battles - Image 1

Idea Factory‘s churning out some bright ideas from their factory with a new PSP title, Neverland Card Battles. Yes, this game is based on the best-selling Japanese trading card game Cardinal Arc: Neverland Card War, which came out on the PS2.

It’s the classic good against evil story, with humans and demons fighting it out for the rule over the continent of Neverland, and this version promises to give you more. Here’s what’s up in this version of Neverland:

  • 200 unique summoning cards
  • customized decks
  • ad hoc networking for real-time multiplayer gaming and trading

To let you get to know Neverland Card Battles more, we have here some screenshots of the game, as well as the official debut trailer. More assets and information can be had over at the official website, which you can go to via the source link below.

Neverland Card Battles - Image 1Neverland Card Battles - Image 2Neverland Card Battles - Image 3

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