New Silent Hill 5 scans reveal new horrors

Silent Hill 5 scans for you! - Image 1Silent Hill 5 is due out on the Sony PlayStation 3 and the Microsoft Xbox 360 sometime in 2008, but as early as now, some fresh details are crawling in from scans. PLAY Magazine has some new images which reveal some of the horrors to come. See the full article and try not to scream with delight while you’re at it.

 Silent Hill 5 scans for you - Image 1 

Konami‘s Silent Hill 5 isn’t quite close to locking its cold grip around our necks yet, but there’s no stopping the creeps of everyone’s favorite haunted town from making their way into PCs with these new scans from PLAY Magazine. Have a load of them and tell us what you can make out.

In a narrative posted by Silent Hiller in the Silent Hill Forums to make more sense of these scans, it was stated that protagonist Alex has a good background in hunting which his father passed on to him at a very young age. This makes him adept at grappling, using weapons and evasion. This also sets up the prongs needed to make combat more free-flowing than ever in Silent Hill.

Silent Hill 5 scans for you! - Image 1 Silent Hill 5 scans for you! - Image 2 Silent Hill 5 scans for you! - Image 3 Silent Hill 5 scans for you! - Image 4 Silent Hill 5 scans for you! - Image 5

The static radio and the torch which were dropped in Silent Hill 4 are making a comeback while the camera will now feature full 360-degree movement. Also noted was that there might be Sixaxis-related features for the PlayStation 3 version.

Another nice addition being highlighted is the real-time wound system. As you fight
through the hordes of monsters, you’ll eventually get scratched and wounded. Unlike in older survival horror titles where you simply take health items to recover, wounds in Silent Hill 5 stay with you if they go untreated. This is pretty similar to Metal Gear Solid 3’s Survival Viewer where players need to treat Snake’s injuries for maximum combat efficiency.

Silent Hill 5 is due out on Sony‘s PlayStation 3 and Microsoft‘s Xbox 360 sometime in 2008. This promises to be another hell of a scare-fare for all of us.

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