Nexon CEO says piracy isn’t to blame for low Asian consoles sales

Asian gamers blocking off world gaming trends - Image 1Nexon CEO Joonmo Kwon addresses the issue of low console sales in the Asian region. And no, he’s not pointing to piracy as the reason why. Instead, it’s got something to do with the Asian taste and preference for games. See what he’s got to say after the jump.

Asians heart online games - Image 1Piracy in the Asian region have undoubtedly been one big problem in the industry. However, Nexon CEO Joonmo Kwon believes that there is something else that should be blamed for the poor sales than piracy.

As he observes, other markets that are also hit by the piracy problem, like movies and music, continue to thrive in the region, despite the prevalence of piracy. Therefore, citing trends and numbers, Kwon believes that it is not the piracy per se that is the reason why consoles aren’t performing as well as in other territories.

Instead, it is because the games are not suited to the tastes of the Asian market. Not that Asia doesn’t have a lot of gamers. In fact, online games have been very dominant in the past decade, particularly in Korea.

In almost all parts of Asia, excluding Japan, online games have been leading the market growth since the very early stages of the games industry, which is something that indicates users have a strong preference and attachment for the common characteristics and typical features of online games.

So for the console game industry to succeed in Asia, unlike in North America or Europe, it’s extremely important to set strategies that are specifically suitable for the local market. Most Asian games are far more used to and attracted by interactive games via network connections, and they’ve been long enjoying the unique convenience that online games offer – such as being able to download and play a wide variety of games for free with a single account from any PC.

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