Nintendo denies new DS model

Nintendo DS cat - Image 1Before rumors spread like wild fire, Nintendo of America responded to rumors of a new Nintendo DS model. It’s all “rumour and speculation [sic]” according to Ninty. Marketing executive George Harrison also pitched in a few words, saying, “We donÂ’t have any imminent plans for an upgrade for the Nintendo DS.”

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Nintendo DS Black - Image 1Without wasting any time, Nintendo of America just shot down the rumors about a new Nintendo DS model. Pacific Crest Securities analyst Evan Wilson recently claimed that a smaller version of the handheld with bigger screens and no GBA port was already complete, but Nintendo says there are no plans to upgrade the DS anytime soon.

Nintendo of America marketing executive George Harrison stated that they don’t have plans for a new Nintendo DS. He reasoned out, saying the product is still selling extremely well and there’s no reason to give it a boost anytime soon.

According to other sources, Nintendo also sent out word that dismisses Wilson’s claims as “rumour and speculation [sic],” and the company refuses to comment any further.

When Wilson ignited the flames of speculations, he did say that the new handheld should surface when DS sales slow down. While it sounds like the perfect backup plan is in place and Ninty is known to release new stuff to revitalize products (Zelda-themed DS, anyone?), we’ll have to tag this under rumors.


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