Nintendo Japan Conference: Nintendo DSi unveiled

Nintendo DSi - Image 1Nintendo’s unveiled their latest DS product, the DSi. What are the new features, and will it be good enough to sustain the DS dynasty? Check it out after the jump.

Nintendo DSi - Image 1 

There’s no contesting the hardware numbers. Nintendo’s DS still reigns supreme after years of being out in the market. Today, though, marks a special occasion as the big N unveils the newest member of their DS family, the DSi.

Yep, this is the big news that’s got all of Tokyo buzzing about at the Nintendo’s conference that is going on right now. So what are the specs so far?

  • unit size reduced by 12% and 2.6 millimeters – GBA cartridge slot is removed
  • screen size increased to 3.25 inches
  • audio-playing function
  • camera (which we cannot decipher yet if it’s 0.3 megapixels or 3.0 megapixels)
  • picture editor via touch screen
  • adjustable pitch and playback speed
  • SD memory card slot for you to dump pictures (ie. right to Wii’s photo channel)
  • onboard memory for downloadable games
  • *with Wii Points, to be renamed Nintendo Points
  • built-in Nintendo DS web browser
  • and more that are just coming out

Wow, that certainly sounds exciting, don’t you think? Although that 300,000 pixels hype sure was a stretch — and a hoot! But wait, there are more interesting details on this.

The new Nintendo DSi will be out sooner than you thought — November 1, at least for Japan. Still, that was quick. It comes in two color variations: white and sooty-grey-black. The price? 18, 900 yen (about $180). A bit higher, yes, but with all the new added features, we’re sure fans would be more than willing to cough it up.

We’ll be on our toes for this one. Keep it posted here for more.

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