Nintendo provides possible solution to Error 85010 in SSBB

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Nintendo - Image 1If you own a copy of Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Brawl,  the following may be a very familiar scene for you: you sitting as you wait while your Wii console is searching for random opponents, and after several minutes of thumb-twiddling this message pops up: Error Code 85010, or “Disconnected from network during transmission.” The possible solutions await in the full article.

Super Smash Bros Brawl Nintendo - Image 1It’s just unfortunate that Nintendo’s much-awaited Super Smash Bros. Brawl is hitting some serious snags upon its release. First off are issues concerning both the Wii hardware and the disc itself, and yet another sad problem is the fact that some Brawlers are having some problems trying to get into random online matches.

While online Brawling with those whom you swapped Friend Codes with is relatively problem-free, trying to pick a fight with random people just doesn’t work quite well enough, with some gamers complaining about congested traffic preventing them from connecting to the network. Those who tried to connect during peak hours were greeted with a pop-up message with Error Code 85010, or “Disconnected from network during transmission.”

So how to go around it? Nintendo’s customer service page offers some solutions:

  1. Our servers may be trying to handle an unusually high amount of traffic (especially if you are trying to play online with a recently-released or popular game, or if there is a new Wii system update). Please wait a few hours and try the connection again later.
  2. How are you connecting online? The Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection is only compatible with Cable, DSL, and Fiber-optic internet connections. If you are connecting via Satellite, EV-DO (cellular), Dial-up, or other types of connections, then you should try to use an alternate type of connection. Contact your Internet Service Provider if you are not sure what type of internet connection you have.
  3. The error may be caused by a basic setting on the router that needs to be adjusted (such as the channel). Please review our general router troubleshooting.

If all else fail, it’s always better to call Nintendo’s customer service hotline instead.

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