Nitro Bike: Off-Roading, Nitro Boost gameplay videos

Ubisoft's Nitro Bike Wii - Image 1Waiting for more news on Ubisoft‘s Nitro Bike for the Nintendo Wii? If you are, then you might be interested to see two new gameplay videos of the title.

To give you a clue about what the videos contain, just imagine a bike with a rocket strapped to its back. Now, add-in a course with a lot of jumps. Want to see the videos? Head on over to the full article by clicking on the “read more” link below.

If you enjoy racing on a dirt bike, then you might want to consider picking up Ubisoft‘s Nintendo Wii video game Nitro Bike. The game is looking pretty good judging from the off-roading and nitro boost gameplay  video recently put up online.

Players would probably get a kick from some of the courses that the game offers as seen in the two videos. There are plenty of sloping walls and jumps where players can perform different tricks.

Nitro Bike might not appeal to hard core enthusiasts of the sport, but the idea of being able to strap a small rocket to the back of a bike and taking off like a human missile is indeed an appealing concept.

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