OFLC’s Too Human reclassification hints ‘multiple platforms’ – coming to Windows as well?

Too Human - Image 1It's a bit of a stretch, so to speak, as we're not sure how accurate the Office of Film and Literature Classification of the Australian Government is when it comes to video games. But as the situation stands, Silicon Knight's Too Human on the Xbox 360 apparently made the M for Mature rating cut for violence, after a revised version of the game was sent for review to Australia and other regions.

OFLC's Too Human reclassification hints 'Multi Platforms' - coming to Windows as well? - Image 1 

Upon viewing the Australian government's OFLC pages, speculators have stumbled upon Silicon Knight's action-RPG Too Human (Xbox 360) and it's reclassification to M from a friendlier MA-15 rating. What some have begun to surmise, however, is that Silicon Knights could possibly have a Windows port of Too Human planned as well.

Or that's what you could deduce if you saw the words "Multi Platform" right beside the game's title.  Unfortunately, that's all the speculation is founded on, aside from the fact that Gears of War, BioShock, and Mass Effect all released on the PC some time after being released on the Xbox 360.

If a PC version is actually coming, don't bank on Microsoft's drive to push it out as soon as possible. After all, we all know that they love Xbox 360 gaming more than they do for PC gaming. More updates as we get them.

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