One-handed Nunchuk accessory for the Nintendo Wii

Wiimote - Image 1There has definitely been leaps and bounds made in terms of making gaming more accessible for everyone – but how does one make a console for everyone even more accessible? Ryan Culy, an architecture student from Ball State University, may just have the answer with his solution for a one-handed Nunchuk attachment for the Nintendo Wii. Check out the full article for all the details.

Custom Wii Nunchuk - Image 1

The Nintendo Wii may certainly have very immersive motion-sensitive controls, and almost anyone can pretty much have a fun time with it, either with just the Wiimote or with the Wiimote and Nunchuk combo. But what about those of us who can’t quite manipulate the controls as well as the others? Thankfully, Ball State University architecture student Ryan Culy has devised a neat way to retain the Nunchuk’s functionality, but with both controllers being held by only one hand.

The process is a bit complicated, but as you’ll be able to see in the page we link to you below, it’s a pretty ingenious process. What Ryan Culy did was to completely redesign the nunchuk attachment so that it’s strapped onto an elbow, with the analog stick resting on a knee. The C and Z buttons are held to the side of the Wiimote by a convenient slot made in the controller’s clear jacket – making the entire setup not only easy to put on, but to remove as well.

Check out the project’s complete page by clicking on the via link below. Not only is it absurdly cool, but also pretty awesome for those of us who can’t quite get used to the Nintendo Wii’s controls.

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