Patch coming to fix Age of Booty, free trial and Trophies will follow

Age of Booty - Image 1Some time ago, the free trial version and the Trophy patch for Age of Booty leaked, and since those weren’t ready for general use yet, it paved the way to bad connectivity and stability issues. Now this patch comes along to fix those problems, to prep your game until Sony releases the official Trophy patch and free trial version. Details in the full article.

Age of Booty - Image 1

It all started when the free trial version for Age of Booty leaked in Europe, and the Trophy patch leaked in North America. Naturally, some folks used them, and since those leaks weren’t ready for use yet, the system is experiencing stability  and connectivity problems.

Now this new patch comes along, to revert everything back to the “proper” version. Sony will have it in 24 hours, and the rest of us can get it as soon as Sony sees it fit to release. Capcom is also a week or so away from submitting the patches to Sony, we’ll keep you guys posted when we get word on its progress.

Thanks to those leaks, people will have to go through the extra hassle of downloading that patch. Tha’s righ’ mateys, let Age of Booty be doin’ all the piratin’! Next time, let’s just wait for the official booty, okay?

Age of Booty official booty in this article:

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