Patch update pushes Trackmania United to Forever status

Patch update puches Trackmania United to Forever status - Image 1Nadeo is sending word of a new add-on that’s now available for TrackMania United. This will update the game to the Forever status, and will carry over some extensive graphic and gameplay upgrades. More details are available in the full article.

Patch update puches Trackmania United to Forever status - Image 1 

Here’s a heads-up for the guys who happen to own a copy of Nadeo‘s TrackMania title for the PC. The devs have just announced that they have released a new (and very large) add-on that will update your game to TrackMania United Forever (TMUF).

This add-on will enable TMUF players to race alongside owners of the recently released TrackMania Nations Forever title on the series’ classic Stadium environment. Other online features the add-on will carry include options for you to create and manage friend groups. There’s also the new “Challenge Invitation,” which allows your friends to challenge the ghost data of your best runs.

Aside from enhanced online gaming, TMUF will also carry graphics upgrades for the first three environments that were in the original TrackMania game. The add-on will also feature new solo campaigns, new official tracks,  and new track and background blocks.

Those interested in updating their game to the Forever status can pick up the download at the official TrackMania site, via the source link below. Just have some space cleared up – the file will require 900 MB of space.

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