PBPSpoof v1.1 – improved MS navigation, bug fixes

PlayStation Portable homebrew: PBPSpoof v1.1 by PEB - Image 1 Having trouble running some EBOOT files on your PlayStation Portable? It may only be an issue of needing higher firmware but with PSP homebrew developer PEB’s PBPSpoof, you won’t need to upgrade if you don’t want to. Check out the full article for more info.

Download: PBPSpoof v1.1

PlayStation Portable homebrew: PBPSpoof v1.1 by PEB - Image 1At least once in every PlayStation Portable owner’s life, he or she will encounter some trouble when running an EBOOT file – only to find out that a newer version is needed. Well, PSP homebrew developer PEB has released a new version for his PBPSpoof, homebrew that lets you run other EBOOT that require higher firmware.

PBPSpoof is now on version 1.1 and it has the following changes (taken from the release thread and ran through internet translators):

  • Added an option that allows you to start the EBOOT changed after that change.
  • Fixed several bugs in the file listing.
  • Improved navigation in the MS. Now you can use the keys (left / right / up / down to navigate)

That’s it. PBPSpoof is pretty nifty especially for those new to the entire homebrew scene. Download’s below – don’t forget to go through the readme (run it through a translator if you’re French-impaired).

Download: PBPSpoof v1.1

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