Peggie Deluxe – Bumper Harvest mod v1.0 (beta): with mp3 support, boot menu

Peggle Deluxe - Bumper Harvest mod v1.0 beta for PSP - Image 1As promised in the previous build, the homebrew game Peggle Deluxe from coder ifiwere1337 has been laced with mp3 support. Now on its beta version 1, this Bumper Harvest mod for your Sony PlayStation Portable has some nifty features added as well. More details after the jump.

Download: Peggie Deluxe – Bumper Harvest mod v1.0 (beta)
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Peggle Deluxe - Bumper Harvest Mod - v1.0 beta for Sony PlayStation Portable - Image 1

Homebrew coder ifiwere1331 promised MP3 support in the previous build of Peggle Deluxe for the Sony PlayStation Portable. Now on beta version 1, this mod of Kagato’s Bumper Harvest is now equipped with music capabilities among others.

Based on the popular PopCap casual PC game, Peggle Deluxe challenges you to hit all available red pegs. There are blue pegs however to get in your way while yellow, green, and grey ones are also at hand to make your Peggle Deluxe experience more interesting.

On top of the mp3 playback support, developer ifiwere1331 also incorporated a boot menu and the use of the ME playback method. Since the speed of the ball is a huge factor, minor speed improvements were also made.

You can also play the original game now or choose to play the mp3-unsupported PSP fat version of Peggie Deluxe – Bumper Harvest mod. Before bumping any pegs though, better make sure to check the readme which is included in the homebrew game.

Thanks to dev ifiwere1331 for the heads up!

Download: Peggie Deluxe – Bumper Harvest mod v1.0 (beta)
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