PEGI’s Patrice Chazerand responds to the Byron Report

PEGI logo - Image 1The secretary general at the Interactive Software Federation of Europe (ISFE), spoke about the findings of the Byron Report. Interestingly enough, he is now pushing for more cooperation among the different regulatory boards. To find out more, head on over to the full article.

Patrice Chazerand ISFE's secretary general - Image 1Patrice Chazerand, the secretary general at the Interactive Software Federation of Europe (ISFE ) which oversees PEGI, recently gave out a few statements regarding the Byron Report. He said that while he feels that Dr. Tanya Byron’s findings were neutral and scientific, it didn’t do much to lessen the blow of the final recommendations in the report.

One of the recommendations in the Byron Report was to put the PEGI rating at the back of the game while the British Board of Film Classification‘s rating would take its place in the front. While this may not sit very well with some people, Chazarand feels that it might be for the best:

If the experts say that a five year-old PEGI had any chance to match the recognition of the decades-old BBFC symbolsÂ…well, you just have to admit that you’ve lost the argument on the consumer-facing element. So that was certainly a little painful, but at the same time fair. It’s the scientific approach.

He also took the time to address the rumors that PEGI will still be involved in the rating system in some way or form. Chazarand said that that is definitely a possibility because “the people behind PEGI know about games.”

In the end though, he made it clear that it would probably be best for all parties to cooperate and not compete with each other. “The UK public probably couldn’t care less about the competition of two game ratings agencies – they care about getting the right information,” said Chazerand.

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