Pirates crack Windows Vista copy protection

Windows Vista gets cracked - Image 1Here’s some big news for the PC scene. We’ve just learned that a crack has been released for Windows Vista that allows a pirated version of Vista to become activated and fully operational upon use. More on this news after the jump!

Windows Vista gets cracked - Image 1It appears that the copy protection for Windows Vista has been fully cracked by the Pantheon group. The crack they’ve recently released allows users to turn a pirated, non-activated version of Vista into a fully functional version of Vista.

As APC Mag reports, Pantheon released a bundle that carries certificate files for various machine types, OEM product keys for Vista Home Basic, Home Premium, and Ultimate, and an emulator that “allows the BIOS ACPI_SLIC driver for any manufacturer to be installed without requiring the system to be physically running that hardware.” Asus certificate information, for example, can thus be run on any machine, even if it isn’t an Asus.

The end result is that by running the crack,  you create a version of Vista that passes Windows Genuine Advantage Checks without actually being an authentic version of Vista.

In any case, you can read up on more of the technical information regarding this crack in our source article. Folks who aren’t very tech savvy may want to beware this new crack, just so you don’t end up with a pirated version of Vista on your machine.

Via APC Mag

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