Pirates of the Burning Sea patch up: welcome version

Pirates of the Burning Sea patch up: welcome version - Image 1Open betas may be good for feeling how a game plays like, but in the case of Pirates of the Burning Sea from Sony Online Entertainment (SOE), there’s a lot more to be had from a beta test phase. And one of those is a serious mechanical makeover. Flying Labs Software, developers of PotBS, addressed the concerns of many player-reported issues. Here’s to no more character rollbacks with patch!

Pirates of the Burning Sea patch up: welcome version - Image 1

It’s the fix all you swashbucklers have been waiting for! Flying Labs Software has just rolled out version of Pirates of the Burning Sea, and the MMORPG for buccaneers arrived with a ton of fixes for the many issues found during the game’s ongoing open beta phase.

Patch most especially brings a plethora of stability and performance fixes to Sony Online Entertainment’s (SOE) Pirates of the Burning Sea. And that’s aside many of the new fixes for the game’s overall look and feel (UI), audio changes, and corrections to quest mechanics, and message readability. But enough of that. Let’s go straight to the nitty gritty details:

  • In towns with lots of avatars, you would get frequent frame rate drops. We made a performance improvement on the client that should make this better.
  • We made some improvements on the invisible-avatars problem. It is definitely still happening but we think it will happen less often. This is still a top-priority issue and work is ongoing, but we’d love to know how this first step goes.
  • Fixed some client crashes that could occur if you zoned while owning the wrong item.
  • Sometimes a bunch of players will get a meaningless loading screen again and again and again without actually going anywhere. While we still don’t understand how this issue gets started, we have figured out how to prevent the symptoms from affecting anyone. You shouldn’t see this recurring loading screen anymore.
  • When servers couldn%u2019t talk to each other for some reason, they gave up trying too quickly. We made some configuration changes to be more patient.
  • Fixed yet another zone server crash on shutdown. While you can’t see those, there is some risk of data loss when they occur so we dig into each one we see just in case.
  • Fixed a database cache-server crash and a dispatch server crash that happened when they lost connection to serverdir. This was the cause of the short-term data rollback that happened last weekend and now it’s fixed.
  • Fixed a login server problem that was caused by bad cache server behavior. We’re so glad to have you guys pounding our servers this is great stuff you’re enabling us to find.
  • Fixed a rare client crash that could occur if you had outfitting in your toolbars and tried to zone at just the wrong time.
  • Fixed a rare mission server crash that could occur if you somehow managed to get connected to the game twice. We’re also working on preventing that getting-connected-twice thing. We think it’s caused by something going wrong the first time you try and us never releasing the zombie that resulted.
  • Fixed a mission server crash that GMs could cause by trying to appear neutral. Also changed things so they can no longer do the thing that was causing the crash in the first place.
  • In some cases a player could have two characters logged in at the same time due to a bug. When this happened, the mission server would crash. We fixed this.
  • Adjusted load balancing on the server clusters so we don’t put too many server processes on one machine.
  • Rollback fix! In some circumstances, the database cache server could crash and lose any changes that had not yet been written to the database. We fixed this crash. This was the source of the recent data loss/rollbacks you may have experienced.
  • We made a change that should improve server lag and stability in towns. When players are in towns we’re frequently checking nearby NPCs to see if they have missions you can take and other things. With large numbers of players, the requests become enormous. These requests were going through the connection servers, which handle all player network traffic, and the connection servers could therefore become overloaded with these NPC requests. We now send those requests directly to the mission server, bypassing the connection servers. This should have a big impact on server lag in towns. (Note that this has no impact on framerate in towns, which is affected by hardware performance and how many avatars are being drawn.)
  • Made a global optimization to all of our network traffic. Every single packet we transmit is now smaller and more efficient. While the change is very small, we transmit these packets by the thousands every second. This change should provide improved network performance and reduce server lag.
  • Fixed some rare zone server crashes.

To get the rest of the countless fixer-uppers, you’re going to have to gobble a whole text wall of them when you visit the full changelog at the Via link below.

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