Playstation Forums: PS3 Grand Theft Auto IV suffering from freezing errors *UPDATED*

Playstation Forums: PS3 Grand Theft Auto IV suffering freezing errors - Image 1A certain problem has just struck a few PlayStation 3 owners of the recently released game from Rockstar North. Apparently, a few gamers have encountered freezing errors with their copies of Grant Theft Auto IV. Details in the full article.

*Update: According to reports, Xbox 360 owners are not spared from the freeze issues PS3 users are experiencing with GTA IV. Check out the latest update on Grand Theft Auto IV‘s freeze issues.

Grand Theft Auto 4 - Image 1We hate to be the harbinger of bad news, but we thought you guys would find this particular report useful. Better watch out for the PS3 version of Rockstar North‘s Grand Theft Auto 4 (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360).

A few owners of the recently launched game have been experiencing freezing errors, particularly their copies of GTA 4 for the 60GB (both launch and non-launch) and the 20 GB launch. The game instantly stops at a dead halt right after the first cut scene.

What people have noticed is that both the Collectors Edition and the 60 GB launch versions are seriously affected by this. This is certainly a disaster, mind you. Being one of the most anticipated titles for this year, having this kind of thing happen is no laughing matter.

Seriously. What is up with the game? People have been waiting since forever for its release. Now that it is out, this happens. If you guys find a solution to this problem, feel free to add your comments below. We’ll keep you guys updated with the developments circulating this disastrous situation.

Update: Apparently, this issue isn’t only happening to the PS3 version of GTA 4 but also to some Xbox 360 gamers playing Rockstar’s game. Check out our latest post about Rockstar reportedly looking into the GTA 4 freeze issue.

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