Prinny on the loose – gets drunk, gets beheaded, and gets an official site

Prinny - Image 1Poor Prinny. I guess the pressure of being a hero is getting to him. Now he’s walking into bars, getting drunk, and picking fights. Folks down at the bar had to disembowel our poor hero to keep the peace. Okay, so that didn’t really happen, it’s all just part of some publicity stunt for Prinny: Can I Really Be The Hero? and they launched the official site too! More demon penguin info in the full article.

What happens when you take a Disgaea minion, give it its own game, and make the game hard as hell? We have a poor disgruntled demon penguin, bent in frustration, walking into a bar, getting drunk, and picking a fight, and meeting a grim end. Here are some pictures of the horrific scene of penguin stupor, accidental disembowelment, and recycling.

Here’s a little recap:

Prinny walks into a bar, then immediately goes for the hard drinks. Things start to get ugly on the 19th drink. By the 20th, Prinny busts a move on Nippon Ichi marketing coordinator, Nao Zook. Prinny isn’t the boss of her, she’s the boss of him! So our demon penguin tries to get away in his Toyota Scion, special Prinny-my-ride edition.

Prinny's drunken adventure - Image 1Prinny's drunken adventure - Image 3Prinny's drunken adventure - Image 5Prinny's drunken adventure - Image 4Prinny's drunken adventure - Image 7Prinny's drunken adventure - Image 6Prinny's drunken adventure - Image 2Prinny's drunken adventure - Image 8Prinny's drunken adventure - Image 9

But alas! Prinny got whacked, losing his head in the process. They stuff his remains in a trash bag, and poor Prinny will be thrown into the “biodegradable” bin.

Prinny gets whacked! - Image 1Prinny gets whacked! - Image 2Prinny gets whacked! - Image 3
Prinny gets whacked! - Image 4Prinny gets whacked! - Image 5Prinny gets whacked! - Image 8
Prinny gets whacked! - Image 7Prinny gets whacked! - Image 6Prinny gets whacked! - Image 9

Okay so it’s all  just creative PR. Makes a good story though. It’s just a publicity stunt for Prinny: Can I Really Be The Hero? to give poor ol’ Prinny a chance to show everyone what he’s got. He even has his official site now for his new game.

Cool Prinny Scion by the way, and I wouldn’t mind having the big Prinny costume either, or the Prinny bottle. Any chance Prinny will attack more bars and we can mug him for his stuff?

For the complete story on what the hell happened to Prinny that night, check the source link. For everything else, like trailers, product info, and the goods, you can go to Prinny’s official site.

More on the demon penguin and his new game:

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