Professional gamers to carry Olympic torch

Razer logo - Image 1 Another type of athlete is coming to the Beijing Olympic Games to bear the torch: cyberathletes. Yes, professional gamers will be given the honor of carrying the torch in the coming games. Check out the full article for more info.

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The Olympics, one of the most anticipated worldwide events, is certainly a big big thing. Athletes from all over world congregate at a particular host city (this year, it’s Beijing) and compete for glory.

Now preparations for THE Games have been underway (including anti-aircraft guns) and we’ve just caught news from it: Professional gamers will be included in the carrying of the Olympic torch.

Razer, manufacturer of gaming and computer peripherals, announced via presswire that two professional gamers, XiaoFeng “Sky” Li and Jaeho “Moon” Jang have been chosen by the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad to carry the Olympic torch. Sky and Moon are both members of teams sponsored by Razer (Team Razer).

In case you haven’t heard of them, they are both professional Warcraft III players. Moon plays for MYM, or Meet your Makers, while Sky plays for World Elite, both teams are under the umbrella of Team Razer.

In case you’re wondering why the professional gamers get to carry the torch: Lenovo, a computer maker, is one of the Beijing Olympics‘ sponsors and well, they had a say on the ceremonials.

So they got the top placers in their recently sponsored gaming tournament to carry the torch. The rest of the Chinese pro-gamers who’ll be getting the honor of carrying the torch are:

  • Li Jia “xiaobai” Sheng
  • Lei “BET.Leilei” Shen
  • Junchun “Pj” Sha
  • Chenglong “Sai” Zhou
  • Wei “Jaystar” Ding
  • Dapeng Chen

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