Prototype video diary: in-depth look at New York under Dark Watch

Prototype by Sierra Entertainment - Image 1Alex Mercer may look like Altair with morphing powers in New York, but he’s definitely in for more trouble than a guy who’s assassinating people in his dreams. In the case of Prototype‘s (Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360, PC) hero, it’s all about nightmares of being chased by the Dark Watch and its Specialists. Yep, Sierra Entertainment actually revealed a few things about its cross-platform title, and you can find them at the full article.

Prototype (Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360, PC) is one of those promising titles that most people don’t know about. Fortunately, Sierra Entertainment finally unleashed an in-depth video diary with the developers shedding light on the mysterious protagonist Alex Mercer, the Black Watch, and the world filled with top-secret organizations and biological outbreaks.

It turns out that Prototype‘s main character is a victim of an outbreak in New York, and the government’s shady organization is supposed to clean up the mess. The Dark Watch is ruthless, and they have employed the Specialist to do the dirty work. Mercer, however, can fight back with his shape-shifting abilities.

Prototype‘s setting of chaos and turmoil will tackle themes of the government overextending its power among all things. Hear it from Sierra’s developers themselves – we’ve left the video embedded below:


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