PS3 Blu-Ray disc load time tested, gets impressive results

PS3 - Image 1The PS3 continues to prove that it’s worth every penny as the Sony‘s multimedia platform gets tested for its Blu-Ray disc loading speed vs. BD standalones. To no surprise at all, it comes out on top of the pack, and by a good margin too.

PS3 - Image 1

The PS3 continues to prove that it’s worth your cash. Apart from its great online and multimedia features, Sony‘s powerful piece of hardware also boasts the fastest Blu-Ray disc loading speed out there – by a sizable margin.

The PS3 was pitted against standalone BD players and their load speeds were timed and compared. To no surprise at all, the PS3 emerged on top. Figures below:

  • Sony PS3: 43 seconds
  • Sony BDP-S350: 66 seconds
  • Sony BDP-S5000ES: 67 seconds
  • Sony BD Recorder BDZ-T50: 80 seconds
  • Sony BD Recorder BDZ-X100: 81 seconds

The figures speak for themselves. The PS3 out-loads the nearest competitor by more than 20 seconds. Hopefully, this little bit of info will persuade buyers to go for the PS3 when it comes to their Blu-Ray needs. It doesn’t hurt that you can go play games on it either.

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