PSN Europe gets demos for Snakeball, Super Stardust HD, and The Club

PSN Europe updates with Super Stardust HD, Snakeball, The Club demos - Image 1Who says you have to wait until next year to get your hands on The Club by Sega? Europe‘s PSN has recently updated with a free demo of this upcoming PS3 title, along with demos for Snakeball, and Super Stardust HD (by Housemarque). More details for these games are available in the full article.

PSN Europe gets demos for Snakeball, Super Stardust HD, and The Club - Image 1Here’s a little something to snap you out of your post-Christmas hangover. Word over at the Europe PlayStation 3 blogs is that their territory has updated with three free demos, available for download via PlayStation Network.

The new DLC you can expect to see when you go online are samplers of Snakeball, Super Stardust HD (by Housemarque), and The Club (by Sega).

The first two games are revamped editions of their mobile and arcade kin, and promise quite the gaming experience both in single and multiplayer mode given their improved gameplay and spiffy visuals. The Club demo will give players a teaser of what top expect before the full game arrives on February 8 next year.

The Snakeball demo can be upgraded to a full game if you so desire – just be sure to watch for the message prompt after you clear one stage. That’s all for the moment – we’ll let you know if anything new turns up.

Via PlayStation Europe Community Forums

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