PSN Japan update: of MediEvil, Wild ARMs 2, 300 yen budget titles

PSN Logo - Image 1The latest update on PSN Japan lists new PlayStation classics available for Sony PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable through download. Aside from the big hits MediEvil, Wild ARMs: 2nd Ignition, and Armored Core: Master of Arena, Success unleashed budget SuperLite Fishing titles for  Â¥ 300 (US$ 3).

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PSX title Wild ARMs 2 - Image 1Adding to the collection of budget titles available through download from PlayStation Network Japan for the Sony PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable are classics we loved back in the 32-bit days.

Sony Computer Entertainment’s MediEvil and Wild ARMs: 2nd Ignition followed by From Software’s Armored Core: Master of Arena spearhead the list, as 300 Japanese yen (almost US$ 3) games appear for the first time.

Publisher Success’ SuperLite Fishing titles (also JPY 300) mark the coming of downloadable games from PSN at that price point. Konami‘s Poy Poy (Poitter’s Point in Japan) and other PSX classics remain tagged at JPY 600.

Without further ado, here’s the list of games now available from PSN Japan:

  • Seireiki Live Red by Winky Soft (JPY 600)
  • Poitter’s Point by Konami (JPY 600)
  • SuperLite Fishing: Port no Tsuri-hen by Success ( JPY 300)
  • SuperLite Fishing: Bouhatei no Tsuri-hen by Success ( JPY 300)
  • SuperLite Fishing: Hama no Tsuri-hen by Success ( JPY 300)
  • Wild Arms 2nd Ignition by SCEJ (JPY 600)
  • MediEvil by SCEJ (JPY 600, PSP-only)
  • Arcade Hits Frisky Tom by Hamster (JPY 600)
  • Formation Soccer ’98 by Hamster (JPY 600)
  • Armored Core Master of Arena by From Software (JPY 600, PS3-only)

Via PlayStation Japan

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