PSP memstick deal: SanDisk 8GB now at US$ 45

SanDisk - Image 1These SanDisk memory sticks sure are selling for lower and lower prices! Last we heard from Amazon, they were selling the 8GB memsticks for US$ 55. Now, they’re at US$ 45, with the 4GB SanDisk Memory Stick PRO Duo also getting a similar price cut! Sweeeet.

SanDisk 8GB Memory Stick PRO Duo - Image 1We’ve seen deals for memory sticks come and go. They differ all the time, and last we heard was Amazon‘s offer of an 8GB SanDisk memstick for US$ 55 (which was slashed down by 25 bucks from its original US$ 80).

Now, however, that same 8GB Memory Stick PRO Duo is going for cheaper! Yay for more storage!

Amazon is now offering the 8GB memstick for US$ 45.99. Meanwhile, if that won’t fit your budget, the 4GB storage card is also getting a slash off its original price, and now it’s clocking at US$ 23.05. is also offering the same prices for both SanDisk cards. And it’s not certain how long this discount might last. Better take advantage of it while it’s still available. It never hurts to own more storage, yes?

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