PSP-Maps v.03: Menu added

PSP-Maps v.03: Menu added - Image 1Developer Royale has recently released the third build of the PSP-Maps application. This new release features a menu that will now enable you to save and load any locations that may have grabbed your interest. The rest of the changelog is available in the full article.

Download: PSP-Maps v0.3 for fw 3.xx

PSP-Maps v.03 - Image 1It appears that Royale‘s been keeping close tabs on user comments for the PSP-Maps homebrew. The developer has recently released the third build of this Google Map-style application, which introduces some handy new features that you should enjoy:

  •  A menu…
  • … from where you can load/save favorites!
  • Some nicer effects (zoom/unzoom, fade in/out, scrolling).
  • Removed the ugly splash screen Very Happy

As a recap, PSP-Maps will enable users to view maps very much in the styling of the Google Maps application on your PC. The difference is that PSP-Maps doesn’t use the Google Maps API, and downloads its images directly.

Further details on this app such as installation and its controls are available in the file bundle’s readme. Enjoy the download, and be sure to provide Royale your feedback on PSP-Maps if you think it could use more tweaks.

Download: PSP-Maps v0.3 for fw 3.xx

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