pspME v0.2.1

Sony PlayStation Portable - Image 1PSP coder [email protected] has released another update for the PSP port of Sun Microsystem’s phoneME, and it’s now on version 0.2.1. A number of changes were made so check out the full article for the lowdown and the changelog.

Download: pspME v0.2.1

PlayStation Portable - Image 1PlayStation Portable homebrew developer [email protected] sure does work fast, as another version of the phoneME port just been released. pspME version 0.2.1 has just gone live for JavaME developers out there.

In case you missed the earlier releases, here’s a bit of a briefer. JavaME from Sun Microsystems is basically aimed at software development for small platforms (phones, PDAs, etc.). phoneME on the other hand, is a project which sports the JavaME source code licensed under the GNU General Public License, while pspME is the PSP port of phoneME. Anyway, here are the changes from the release’ readme:

  • Enable browse and select JAR from local file system, don’t have to input the full path name of JAR file now.
  • A little optimization of RMS speed.
  • Separate MIDI config and instrument files from binary bundle to decrease the size, and make you not have to download them for every release.

There you have it. Check out the pspME version 0.2.1 bundle (src and bin) below and give the readme file a once over before anything else.

Download: pspME v0.2.1

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