Q Entertainment: Rez HD only a few weeks away

Rez - Image 1Hankering for some shoot-em-up action that’s a bit on the quirky side? Then step right up as Q Entertainment‘s Rez HD, the high-definition Xbox Live Arcade remake of the original Sega Dreamcast title is nearing release on the Marketplace. Just how soon will we be able to splurge our hard-earned Microsoft Points on it? As early as a few weeks. Check out all the details in the full articles.

Rez HD - Image 1

For those of us looking forward to some psychedelic on-rails action that’s admittedly an amalgamation of Tron and Panzer Dragoon, then good news: the highly-anticipated Xbox Live downloadable title, Rez HD, will be available soon. Really soon. After-a-few-weeks-soon. And all for just the paltry sum of 800 Microsoft Points.

This news comes directly from Q Entertainment, where the developer reported that the game’s release on the Xbox Live Arcade is pretty much around the corner. “A few weeks,” they said, which is quite close if you think about it. Time to save up on those Microsoft Points, eh?

For the uninitiated, Rez HD is a sort-of remake of the game originally released on the Sega Dreamcast, and then on the Sony PlayStation 2. Featuring an addictive on-rails shooting mechanic, a visual style that’s reminiscent of oldschool vector graphics and a very awesome techno soundtrack, it proved to be a cult hit. Here’s hoping it finds its way into the Marketplace without any more delays!

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